Wednesday, May 27, 2009

letter about my best friend

Dear ricky,

I have a good relationship with all my school's friend, but the best is Richard. He is intelligent, funny and amusing. He always make me laugh but he has got a terribe fever because If you said samething that he wasn't agree, he discuss a lot until you say that he is right.
He is special in many different ways bcause he is kind, positive person, generous and very sociable. I believe that I can talk with him about anything because he always gives great advice when I 've got problems. I think I'm very lucky to have a friend like him.

Write soon,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A place I'd like to go

I could try the Bahamas. It´s a group of 4 islands off the south coast of the USA.
the natural attractions of these islands are the beaches, because the water is hot,
transparent and clean. In this place you can go swimming, explore the coastline
on a canoeing adventure, learn to surf in the sea. In the Bahamas there is the most
expensive flat. The weather is similar to the weather in Miami: tropical and hot.